In this modern world, people tend to become faster and smarter. To keep pace with this faster world Ancheer brings an electric bike that is fully able to fill up your demand. The diversity of people’s tastes and habits creates new innovations. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike is one of the best electric bikes currently available in the market in terms of innovations and versatility.

If you are trying to buy a powerful and versatile electric bike, Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike will be a good option available to consider. Ancheer is one of the most reputed brand names that you can find in the health and fitness equipment industry. They have been able to do a tremendous job by offering an electric bike to the market. These electric bikes are manufactured in their own facilities, which are available in China and Taiwan. We tried to offer you an honest review contained ins & out of this electric bike. Keep on reading this Ancheer electric bike review and you will learn more about it.

Features of Ancheer electric bike

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike designed with advanced features that will attract you when you are about to make a purchase decision of electric mountain bike. Let’s find out what key features makes this bike different from others-

  • Ride up to 35mph in speed

Ancheer bikes are well-known for their outstanding performance. We ride fast when we are in an urgency, on that moment Ancheer electric bike won’t disappoint you. You will be able to travel up to a speed of 35mph on these bikes. That’s mainly because the bike is offering a 21-speed transmission system. It’s really cool to go fast so instant because of this transmission system.

When you are traveling at the top speeds, there is no need to worry too much about your safety because they come along with disc brakes in front and rear. Even if you want to stop your bike all of a sudden, you can do it without worrying too much about your safety.

  • Lightweight and durable

The Ancheer electric bike has a lightweight design. That’s because the fork of this bike is manufactured out of carbon steel. The other parts of the bike, such as pedals, wheels, saddle tube, and handlebars are made out of aluminum alloy. They can deliver a sturdy experience to you as well. You will be able to maneuver this bike easily. You can even ride the bike on rugged terrains. As it’s a mountain bike its wheel build for all-terrain & unpaved roads. So ride all the way without worry.

  • Longer range

Inside Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike, you can discover a 36V battery. This battery is capable of delivering a range of 40km in electric mode. If you turn on the pedal-assist mode, you can extend the range up to 60km. There is an easy to access charging port in the bike as well. This is really awesome feature. Whenever you find out the battery low you can shift to the pedal mode which will not stop your journey wherever you are.

  • Powerful 350W motor

You can also find a powerful 350W brushless motor inside this e-bike. It can deliver all the power that you need to keep the bike moving. You will be able to use the bike for a variety of purposes in day to day life, such as your daily commute. You will never get disappointed with the experience that this bike can offer.


  • You can travel at a faster pace when compared to an ordinary bike
  • Disc brakes enhance the safety of the bike
  • There is a loud horn paired with an LED headlight to enhance your safety
  • You can easily maneuver this bike due to the lightweight constructions


  • It takes a relatively long time for this bike to charge
  • You cannot fold this bike
  • You will have to go through the struggle of assembling this bike.


Can I start using the bike as soon as I take it out from the box?
No, you will not be able to use the Ancheer bikes as soon as you take them out from the packaging. You will have to follow the instructions provided with the bike and proceed with the assembly process.

Is this bike loud?
No, the Ancheer electric bike is silent and you will be able to get a smooth experience while riding it.

Is the bike expensive?
No, you will usually be able to purchase this bike at an affordable price tag. Amount you spend to buy this bike is totally worth the price.


If you are interested in getting an electric bike that offers a better speed and a better range, this is a great option available to consider. You will fall in love with all the features that are offered with the bike.

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