SWAGTRON Electric Bike EB5 | Best E-Bike in Market

SWAGTRON electric bike eb5

SWAGTRON electric bike EB5 is a basic folding electric bike available for you to purchase, but it is offering some impressive features. For example, you can easily collapse this bike and take it to places along with you. You don’t have to allocate a lot of space for the storage of this bike as well. It can also deliver an impressive performance with the help of a 250W rear hub motor. This swagcycle eb 5 has an adjustable seat and handlebar which makes it more attractive to all heights people.

Let’s face it, whenever you decide to buy an e-bike, what comes to your head first? 

The power generation or the battery, the power delivery or the motor, and the overall control. This SWAGTRON Electric Bike EB5 is a successful e-bike in the SWAGTRON product line, because of its lightweight frame, design, good milage & other exclusive features. Let’s have a look at its features.

Features of Swagtron Electric Bike EB5

Compact and convenient size:

You can get a co Compact and convenient size: mpact size out of the Swagtron electric bike. However, it is not something designed for kids. Instead, you can think about calling this a moped-style foldable ebike. You will not be able to do any fancy tricks with this bike, but it can deliver all the support you need with day to day commute. People who are up to six inches in height will be able to use this Swagtron ebike without any discomfort. The bike would weigh only 37 lbs. Therefore, you will be able to simply load this bike into the trunk of your car on your own and ride wherever you go.

Travel 15.5 miles with your fully charged bike

The Swagtron EB 5 bike is offering a range of 15.5 miles to you. Hence, it is an ideal option available for urban commuters. This is a hybrid bike. Hence, you will have to toggle in between paddling and power assist to get the maximum range. It would usually take around 5 hours for this bike to fully charge.

Pedal to go mode

When you start pedaling while you ride the bike, you will be able to activate the pedal to go mode. This is quite similar to the pedal-assist mode that you can find in electric bikes. As soon as you start pedaling the bike, the motor will engage. The motor will stop in the second you stop pedaling as well. You will need to have some practice to get used to the functionality offered by the bike.

Adjustable seat

The SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 electric bike is offering an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. This will help you to adjust the bike perfectly well to get your comfort requirements catered. Even the unique design of the handle can improve your comfort because you can rest your wrist while you are riding.

Lets see pros and cons of Swagtron electric bike eb5-



  • This is a lightweight bike
  • You can fold the bike and easily store or transport it
  • It comes along with an integrated battery
  • There is no need to assemble the bike after you purchase it to use
  • You will be getting only one pedal assisting mode.
  • It is not ideal for traveling long distances.
  • Handling is less steady


What is the wheel size of this electric bike?

The Swagtron electric bike EB5 comes along with 14-inch wheels. They are coming to you with rubber tires.

What is the maximum weight this bike can accommodate?

The Swagtron ebike is capable of accommodating a maximum weight of 264 pounds.

Is this bike suitable for kids?

Yes, kids can think about using this bike as well. However, we recommend it to kids above 6 years of age.


As you can see, Swagtron electric bike is one of the most versatile and convenient e-bikes available for you to buy and use. You will never be disappointed with the experience offered by this bike. This bike is suitable for both men as well as women.

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