Cycling Tips For Beginners To Advanced Cyclist

cycling tips for beginners

Are you a cycling enthusiast or a beginner into cycling to overcome your boredom or a health-conscious cyclist? Who so ever you are keeping the typical style aside, let’s assume us as your cycling buddy who is here to guide you. So, coming towards the main point, before going into detail, let’s talk about the outline.

As all of us know, cycling is a fun activity, but following the primary guidelines, especially regarding this pandemic we are going through nowadays, is indispensable. In the next subsections, my bike reviews have tried to cover all of the crucial guidelines you should know before pursuing cycling. Hence let’s get started and talk about some of the vital cycling tips for beginners.


Cycling Tips For Beginners to Advanced Cyclist


cycling tips for the beginners


1. Keep your head protected

During cycling, especially for those who are new to this field, head injuries are common. More than 60% of cyclists’ deaths are recorded because of head injuries. So, the knowledge of where we can protect our heads is a must. It is a must to use a durable helmet, especially you are a beginner in cycling, or you are at an advanced level to avoid such calamities.

Otherwise, in case of any fall or crash, you will fall on your head, and it will affect your head or internal organs. And after-effects of the head injuries are prolonged and even fatal. So, it should be kept in mind to always wear a helmet before heading towards the cycling track.


2. High gear pedaling for more extended periods should be avoided

Most of the beginner cyclists complain to have pain or strain in their ankles and knee joint. Now, what is the reason behind that pain? Usually, paddling’s rhythm should be 75 to 90 RPM, but when one exceeds this specific limit, he will have to face the strain in his knees for sure. (Pedal Stroke Revolutions Per Minute- RPM)

So, try to keep a median cadence of your paddling while cycling. Only in this case, you will enjoy cycling, and your wellbeing will also not get impaired.


3. Use accurate gears when needed

When you are cycling on some hilly area or climbing a steep road, keep in notice that you have selected a gear on which rpm’s right rhythm is achieved. By doing so, you will have to put in the minimum effort by yourself, and the cycle will successfully climb the cliff.

Fundamentally to avoid excessive fatigue and stiffness of the muscles, make a wise selection of your gears suitable for the circumstances. By doing this, even the stocky trials can be enjoyable for you.


4. Check your bike correctly before heading out

It would be best if you made it a habit to always check all the parts of your bike before taking it outside on the trails. It will ensure your safety, and you will remain safe from any inconvenience because of a technical fault on your bike.


5. Get a proper fitting position on your bike

One of the most top things to keep in mind is your riding posture. If you are not sitting in a comfortable and sound position, you will face extra fatigue, which will lead to a lack of interest in other activities.

Ensure that your body is upright, and you are exerting balanced pressure on all parts of the body. Only this is the condition that will reduce the pain in joints and muscles during and after the ride.


6. Get a comfortable and suitable saddle

Most of us think that getting a ride with great paddles will be a pleasant ride ever. However, this is not true. The most crucial part of a bicycle is its saddle on which all of your comforts relies. So, getting a bike with the right and comforting saddle will mark a huge difference from a bike with an uncomfortable saddle.

We have to put all of our weight on a saddle, and an uncomfortable saddle may affect the hip muscles and may give you spinal pain. Thus, the recommendations are to go through the extensive reviews and practical buying guides before getting you a cycle saddle.


7. Make sure to change positions while riding

Keeping yourself confined to a single position may be strenuous for your muscles and joints. To avoid this unwanted fatigue and strain, make sure to change your position on the saddle and the bars. Moreover, try to stand on the paddles when a median speed is achieved. By doing so, your muscles will get relaxed and will get less worn out.


8. Avoid riding with headphones on

Getting headphones on means, you are not able to hear any other sound. It is alarming in many cases; for instance, if you are riding and some emergency vehicle alarm is going on, you will not listen to it. As a result, the consequences may be fatal for you and the surrounding public.

To avoid such accidents, an alternative to putting on headphones is to keep a small radio attached to your shirt or the handle of your bike. Enjoy your ride but maintain safety at first.


9. Don’t forget to follow all of the rules and keep your head upright

One of the essential points in cycling tips for beginners is the head position of a cyclist. You should keep your head upright and try not to lean on the handle; it will make your neck and back strenuous and may alter your posture if done for a more extended period. 

Moreover, try to follow all the traffic rules to remain safe from further consequences. If you follow all of the regulations and tips mentioned above, you will have an incredible cycling experience.


Cycling during COVID-19

Cycling during COVID-19

During this global pandemic situation, everyone is concerned about his safety more than anything. Most people are heading towards the cycle purchase to avoid public transport usage, while many want them to be a health maintenance tool. Due to these reasons, the cycle’s sales have a boost up in recent months to a great extent. 

This boost up is unquestionably good for the business administrators of cycling companies, but it may be alarming in some aspects of the social arena. Many people will head up to the nearby stores, which will increase the rush in the stores, and it could be a reason to boom COVID-19, getting more strength by social merging.

Moreover, cycling is also not that safe if proper preventive measures are not taken while cycling. So, down here, we will tell you some of the cycling tips for beginners that should be followed in COVID-19 to remain safe and also keep the surrounding people sound.


1. Cautions to maintain during this pandemic

The followings are some of the preventive measures that you should take before heading out for cycling in this alarming global pandemic:

  • Riding alone is the most suitable way to go cycling. It is one of the ways to remain safe and keep others safe as well as get away from the monotonous life routine.
  • Try to sneeze or cough in your elbow and not on a tissue or your hands.
  • Try to avoid spitting in public places as spitting may be a carrier of viruses. As we all know that body fluids are the carriers of viruses.
  • Ensure that you are opting for the route or track of the crowd or people’s rush.
  • If you are noticing, some symptoms try not to go outside as it may be some symptoms of the virus. For the sake of others, safeties try to keep an eagle eye on your health condition before heading out.
  • Mostly, 30 to 60 minutes of the ride is considered more than enough to keep a person healthy. Therefore, try to maintain this time to be safe and make the task happen without bothering the well-being.
  • Make sure before going outside, you are wearing a mask and gloves. Try to maintain the best standards of social distancing at least 6 feet away from other people. Social distancing, social distancing, and social distancing, it is the most significant ways to protect yourself.
  • Make sure to disinfect your bike every time you come home and wash your hands before entering your house.

Make all these cautions’ mandatory before and after your cycling session. Only this is the condition that you will get an escape from the dull, monotonous routine and get an excellent physical and mental health without bothering your wellbeing.


2. Group cycling

To get an escape from the lackluster and droning routine in this quarantine, many people make plans to do group cycling and stuff. But this may be alarming in many cases like it is declared by WHO that the asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is the leading cause of the spreading virus. We never know who is the carrier among us during social gatherings.

So, it is suggested to avoid group cycling sessions in such alarming conditions. It would be better for you and the surrounding community.


3. Going bike shopping

In this current pandemic situation, getting a bicycle from a nearby local store is recommended, as all of the stores are preferred to be closed to avoid any inconvenience. However, the close at hand bike shops is allowed to remain to work because those are considered as health maintenance tools. Also, some of the front-line workers like doctors and nurses may use cycles for traveling.

  • When you go to the store, tell the attendant to guide you about a suitable bike that may be fit for your usage. Try to ask the store management to provide you with assistance to judge which bike model fits your expectation.
  • Choose a brand that is offering six months to one-year free service or warranty.
  • Try to choose a bike in a median price range.
  • First of all, ensure that the bike is comfortable to ride, and you can easily sit on the saddle of your bike.
  • Try to ride your selected bike before jumping towards the final decision.
  • Moreover, invest a small amount of money in getting essential kit items. They may be useful in any of the technical faults of your bike on your way cycling.
  • At last, we will say that try to go through the extensive reviews about the bike; this will increase your knowledge about bikes and save your time in the market.

Final Thought


An enthusiast cyclist must put in efforts and exercises to boost up muscles to enjoy cycling; thereby, it is a must to consider being fully equipped with relevant cycling kit accessories. Also, he must be following all relevant safety precautions. The selection of a compatible helmet should be kept as the most compulsory requirement to keep your head protected from contingency faced by beginners.

Moreover, a cyclist should avoid high gear pedaling for more extended periods. Furthermore, it is most important to keep in mind that your bicycle’s saddle is more comfortable for an appropriate riding position on your bike. It is also pertinent to cite that a cyclist should adhere to all of the cycling tips for beginners that we have mentioned above so far to lessen the risk of hazards. It is worth noting, but one, while undertaking such an assignment, should be much more careful in the present scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensure that all relevant safety and precautionary measures align with the Standing Operating Procedures and laid down instructions/ protocols spelled out by the World Health Organization to entertain your cycling activity in a most befitting manner.

We are aspirant of your safety, well-being, and pleasing cycling experience.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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