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Do you know what the primary reasons for mountain bike accidents are? A wrong fit for the rider. How you will find out which bike fits you perfectly before buying it or using it, and here my bike reviews come with honest mongoose mountain bike review where we covered two best mountain bikes for beginners. Hope you will enjoy reading and find out which one is your best fit. If this unit didn’t make it to our best budget mountain bike, then have a look at our detailed review with guidelines.

Why Mongoose Mountain Bike?

Undoubtedly, you have finally decided to unleash your enthusiasm for riding mountain bikes. And if so, you have probably done prior research and, eventually, ended up confused within the chaos of the market. When selecting a mountain bike, you need to comprehend what kind of rider you are. There can be a potion of several types of bike riders and the same goes for mountain bikes too. In this review, by simmering down the options to two of the best mongoose mountain bikes for different ages, we have tried to put less strain on you and your decision making. With our comprehensive research of the highs and lows of these bikes, all you have to do is weigh out the best one for yourself. If you continue to read this article, we assure you to lead you to your perfect fit. However, further confusion may erupt while understanding what specifications a mongoose mountain bike must have that will make the ride enjoyable yet, safe. It matters greatly when you push your way through the mountain gunk to have the right kind of technical fitting, suspension, tire, and so on. In short, features that no regular bike owns. But wait – there’s more – do you know the kind of mileage, gear, tire elasticity, durability, and weight a mongoose mountain bike must engulf in order to make this ride your highlight, after a tiresome day?

About Mongoose Manufacturer:

Mongoose, the company has been well renowned for its rich history in manufacturing sportbikes. The company has hit the blind spot by introducing bikes that can forage through the hardships of mud, sand, steep and sturdier surfaces. Well, good news for you as we dip into this further with two of their most sold mongoose mountain bikes and try to paint a picture on their quality, performance, and service. The reviewed bikes aren’t necessarily tagged as high-end products. It is delusional to think that bikes within a reasonable price cannot serve similar purposes. If you’re reading this, then you tend to defy the laws of physics, are a fanatic of sportbikes, or are in for fun. Good for you because we will tell you which bikes will let you experience just that.

Best Cheap Mongoose Mountain Bike of 2020

1. Mongoose Exlipse Mountain Bike Review:


mongoose exlipse mountain bike

Features of Mongoose Exlipse Mountain Bike:

With its solid build pink exterior, assembling the bike is relatively easy. It has 21 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur and is neatly designed with alloy wheels. The bike has meticulous detailing of a steel frame with an estimated weight of 44 pounds; is lightweight but durable at the same time; hence children can ride it in peace without parents having to worry about any lanky or faulty external specification error. 3 piece cranks are installed in it with a front and rear linear-pull brake feature. For a mongoose mountain bike that is under $500, this is a great deal and a chance to make your child ride safe and sound, all the while going easy on your wallet. Well, the wheel circumference on this bike is 24” with a 15” frame and the handlebar is 560mm wide. The weight of this bike is 44 pounds, which is adequate for any sturdy bike. Still not convinced? Yes, I thought so, but get this – it is a perfect fit for girls with seat adjustment mechanisms and room for growth if needed. The catch here is that the cushioned seat and handlebar closeness can be readjusted as the child grows, making it more durable and getting a good deal out of the purchase. Hence, a few more inches or years of growth can be easily sustainable with this bike. With overwhelming quality reviews, another point that is quite definite with this bike is comfort. Starting from the alignment of the seat to the paddles, it all makes the experience of individuals with varying body weight and height smoother. Let me take a wild guess and be honest – at this point, you’re worried about the amount of professional help this will require. No pressure there as with a little mechanical inclination, the gear and speed settings can also be altered according to preference. In popular reviews, parents have even raved about the pink mongoose mountain bike and compared it to their own adult bike, which evidently says a lot about the quality and the price that you get it for. Just imagine a beautiful sunny day where your daughters come back from a two-hour ride, and they are ecstatic. There are zero traces of knee scrapes, head injuries, or blood. Isn’t that a dream come true? Let’s dive in at some of the downfalls of this bike. This mongoose mountain bike comes out neatly assembled except for the tires, handlebars, and the seat; however, it is advised to carefully read the instructions before attempting to clamp everything in place. The pedals have a tendency to fall off if assembled on a whim. Thus, there have been customer complaints about confusion with assembling but the truth? It’s fixable, but again, walk yourself through the instruction panel before making hasty judgments. In addition to this, these are not your classic next generation looking bike, although; they are substantial but quite heavy too. Even then, when the weight of varying children is taken into consideration, the bike lags behind as it can carry children within specific weight limits. Another prospect that you must look into. The tag of riding in comfort is thus snatched away if anybody above a certain weight invests in the bike. Another assembly issue could be the brake wires, which have the potential to come loose if not structured correctly. This could be, on the one hand, frustrating and, at the same time, dangerous too. But hang on a minute, with all being said, if some of these threats seem legit to you, then don’t fall behind and send your girls to school or let them cruise around the park in this beautiful pink mongoose mountain bike. Here’s the kicker, the color of this bike is a Barbie land dream of any 8-year-old girl. But, in a nutshell, if you want to make a rational investment for you, mate, then look no further. It really is that simple.


  • Lightweight steel frame.
  • Front and rear linear-pull brakes.
  • Easy assembling Space for growth.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars


  • Limitation in weight capacity.
  • Assembling could lead to faulty parts if not done correctly.

2. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike Review:

Seriously, if you’re yearning for a journey that doesn’t terrorize you to its core, then go for this mongoose mountain bike. Don’t let your fear overwhelm you with its daunting aftermath of frozen tires, broken bones, or faulty brakes. If you’re looking for a great value under $500 for an easy-to-ride bike, this is your endgame. With comfort and ease of assembling being its highlight, this mongoose mountain bike comes with a 21-speed twist shifter with Shimano rear derailleur. If a genuinely reliable bike is what you need, give this a go.

Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike

Features of Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Men’s Mountain Bike:

This all black with a hint of the white and green bike has an aluminum full-suspension frame and a front suspension fork. It gets better as this mongoose mountain bike also features a front and rear linear-pull brake mechanism. Yes, you read that right. The assembling dimension is 68”L x 25”W x 41”H and has a 3-piece crank. What’s more, is if you’re someone who’s looking for a bike that would irrevocably strengthen your thighs, hips and rear end, just splurge in this bike that can stimulate the energy within you and give you the effects of exercising. A never-ending adventure of thrill, fun, and health benefits awaits with this mongoose mountain bike. With an average weight of about 50.1 pounds, this bike is sturdy and perfect for your summer sport. If you’re worried about your height, then you can relax as it can easily support any biker of 6” or above. Indeed, a very sharp bike, from the looks of it, and also closes in on any good quality trail bike. Any bike rider that is used to the crests and falls of an irregular mountain would know how immensely necessary suspension on the bike is. A good quality suspension can get you through the rugged junctions with ease and most importantly, without canceling out the fun. You are definitely looking for an energized fun ride if you’re into mountain bikes but within safer grounds. The suspension on this bike has been proclaimed to serve you exactly what you need. So, what’s the catch? First off, even though we have ruled out that this bike can endure heights that are above average, sadly; the opposite seems to be the case when it comes to differing weights. The underlying con here is that the bike can withhold up to 195lbs and not more. Make sure to check up on your weight before investing in this sleek ride. The downfalls further signify when its capacity is compared to its own weight. A whopping 50.1 pound bike must have had the mechanism of owning up to more than a mere 195lbs limit. Not only is the bike heavy, when looked at from this point of view, but it may also be irrelevant too. You’re out of luck if you weigh over 195lbs, and we’re sorry for you more than ever. Although the assembling is comparatively easy, similar to the previous bike, it is recommended to follow the instructions. Scenarios of unaligned brake pads were illuminated otherwise. Another good follow up would be to check up on the air level and pressure in the tires before a bon voyage. It might take an awfully long time and effort to align the brake pads and the arm brakes; hence supervision or a careful read-through of the instructions is required. Further downplayed cases were discovered where the bolt was stripped off and the brake lines were too short, making the bike potentially unworthy. Accusations of this mongoose mountain bike acting exactly ‘as cheap’ as it is, have also been showered. However, if you can overlook minor assembling and technical inefficiencies, then this is the bike for you to conquer your mountain journey. These ‘minor’ assembling errors can be eradicated with proper supervision or help from a professional. At this the point, you may have realized that where some of us might go to that extent, for the rest – this is just a deal-breaker. What about you? The moral of the story is that if these erect as petty issues to you, then that’s when you know that you’ve sold.


  • High-quality suspension
  • Front and rear linear-pull brakes
  • Height carrying capacity
  • Easy assembling
  • Adjustable seat settings


  • The weight carrying capacity is limited
  • Alignment issues if not assembled correctly

Final thoughts on Mongoose Mountain Bikes:

No, we are not here to confuse you further. We are just displaying all the pros and cons as it is. What’s better than making an informed decision, right? A favor you could bestow upon yourself is by looking into the speed limit, wear and tear capacity, weight and height limit, suspension mechanism, and warranty of the bikes. A specific amount of time must be spent upon knowing the limits of wear and tear that a bike can take up, especially when it’s supposedly a mongoose mountain bike. One of its key features must be to withstand rough roads and vigorous handling. If it can’t deliver its core purpose, it is pretty much worthless. The bottom line with these two bikes is that – At the end of the day, all girls will not take up the risk of jumping through the rockets of the mountains, however, that must not stop their potential possibilities either. Similarly, all men might not crave the same adrenaline rush as the next; they could just simply want to have a stroll with their kid. What this means is that you must know your preferences and needs prior to deciding on buying either of these mongoose mountain bikes. They are a good investment under $500, but the question is if it’s a good investment for you. As with any other products or service, you must take good care of it and it will give back to you eventually. Realistically speaking, if you want something to last longer, no matter how rushed your rides are, you will bring it back and nurture it. It’s your money; thus, it’s all your call at this point, but we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Break a leg! But, not literally.
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